Managing Users

Managing users is only possible if you are the account's Owner or a dedicated License Admin. Read more about User Roles & Permissions.

The Tower Users page helps you manage your Tower seats. It displays basic information about your license and a list of all invited users.

Invite Users

In order to use Tower, a user must be explicitly invited. Simply click the Invite User button on the top right and enter an email address (or even multiple). This will...

  • ...add the person to your list of Tower users.
  • ...send instructions about installing & getting started with Tower to the person's email address.

Revoke / Remove Users

To remove a user from your Tower license, simply use the "Revoke" action in the list. This will free up one of your purchased seats - but will also prevent her from using Tower.

Adding Seats

When all of your available seats are in use, you can purchase additional ones on the Plans & Billing page.