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Commit Details

When selecting an item from a commit listing, the Commit Details view displays all relevant information about the selected commit:

  • The "Changeset" view shows meta information about the commit (including author, message, date, commit hash, etc.) as well as the detailed changes that happened in this revision.
  • The "Tree" view allows you to browse the complete file tree of your project at that point in time.

Displaying Merge Commits

For normal commits, you will always see the commit's changeset (i.e. each of the files that were changed in this commit along with the detailed diff of these changes).

When looking at a merge commit, however, developers prefer different types of information. That's why you can configure the setting named "Show diffs for merge commits" to your needs in Tower's preferences:

  • “None”: No diffs are shown for merge commits (the Git default)
  • “First parent”: Shows a diff for the first parent, effectively showing what changes were introduced by the merge (corresponds to options "-m --first-parent" for "git log" on the command line)
  • “Merged file paths”: Shows a diff only for files that were changed from all parents (corresponds to option "-c" for "git log" on the command line)