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Fetching Remote Data

Remote data for a Submodule can be fetched in different ways via Tower.

Fetch Automatically

You can have Submodules fetch from their remotes automatically when you perform a Fetch in the main repository. You can configure this behavior in the Submodule's detail view (shown when the Submodule is selected in the sidebar).
The option is called "Fetch Mode" and supports the following modes:

  • On Demand [default]: The Submodule only fetches data when it needs to - for example, when the revision pointer was moved, but the corresponding commit hasn't been downloaded, yet.
  • Always: Every time you perform a Fetch in the main repository, the Submodule executes a Fetch, too.
  • Never: The Submodule never fetches data automatically.

Fetch Manually

You can of course always initiate a Fetch manually. To do this, simply right-click the Submodule in the sidebar and select Fetch <name>….