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Working with Pull Requests

Tower's Pull Request integration allows you to review and work with Pull Requests seamlessly within the app.
After selecting the Pull Requests view in the sidebar, choose any open Pull Request to start inspecting and working with it.


The conversation includes the initial Pull Request as well as the commits it consists of.
Later comments and commits are shown in sequential order, so you can catch up to all changes.

At the bottom of the conversation area, you find the following actions:

  • Help improving the Pull Request or answer questions quickly with the Add Comment button.
  • As soon as you're satisfied, you can Merge the Pull Request.
  • Close your Pull Request with the Close button.

Comments on Azure DevOps Pull Requests
Comments on Azure DevOps Pull Requests are read-only due to a shortcoming of the API.


The commits view shows only the code changes which are part of the Pull Request - allowing you to concentrate on the changes in the codebase itself.
With a double-click on a commit or a file you can inspect it in detail.


With the changeset view you can see all changes introduces during the complete Pull Request as if it was one commit.

Choose Your Remote

If you have more than one remote repository, you can show the corresponding Pull Requests by selecting the remote in the Pull Request overview header.