Tower Help & Support

Displaying Commits

Choosing What is Displayed

Tower lets you choose very flexibly, which exact portion of your repository's history you want to see. The selected item(s) in Tower's sidebar determine what you see:

Full History

Select the "History" item to see the repository's full commit log - including local branches, remote branches, and tags.

Partial / Combined History

Select one or multiple local or remote branches or tags to see a combined history of only these refs. E.g. if you select the local branches "master" and "feature/login" as well as the remote branch "origin/develop", you will only get a list of commits from these three branches.

Unpushed / Unpulled Commits

If a branch tracks another one, Tower can show you the differing commits - those that are present on one, but not on the other. In other words, it displays commits that haven't yet been pulled from / pushed to its counterpart branch.

This information can only be displayed when just a single branch is selected in the sidebar. The numbers are based on the last sync with the remote repository (most notably via a Fetch operation).

See the chapter on "Tracking a Branch" for general information about tracking relationships.

Choosing How it is Displayed

Tower offers various styles for the commit listing. You can have a "tree graph" shown and decide if you want to have items displayed in small or large sizes.

Additionally, you can choose between the following ordering options:

  • Sort by Date
    Shows commits strictly in their chronological order.
  • Sort by Topo Order
    Tries to show branches as straight, uninterrupted lines of commits.

Sorting by "date" might sometimes show branch lines interrupted by commits from other branches. Sorting by "topo order", however, tries to avoid showing commits on different branches intermixed.