Tower Help & Support

Organizing Repositories

Removing a Repository

To remove an item from the list of bookmarked repositories, right-click it and select Delete…. Alternatively, you can also select one or more items and click the Delete button from the view on the right or from the options button on the bottom left of the screen.

Grouping Repositories in Folders

You can use folders to group your repositories. To create a new folder, click the + button on the bottom left of the Repositories screen and choose Add Folder. To move a repository into a folder simply drag and drop the item.

Sorting the Repository List

You can sort the items in the Repositories view as you need them with Drag & Drop.

Tip: Quick Open
The "Open quickly" dialog is your fastest option to open a repository - from anywhere in Tower. Press CTRL + O to display this dialog and simply start typing (parts of) the repository's name.