Tower Help & Support

Reseller FAQ

Do you offer a reseller discount?

We currently do not offer reseller discounts.

Can I pay with a Purchase Order?

We accept Credit Card and PayPal. Wire transfer is only available for Enterprise licenses.

When and how will I receive the license information? Are there shipping costs?

The email with your license information and the invoice will be sent immediately after your purchase to the email address you provided.
There are no additional shipping costs.

What are the maintenance terms?

Tower is offered as a yearly subscription and maintenance and support are included in the price.

I do not want the license to renew automatically / I’d like to remove my credit card information from the account. How can I do this?

You can cancel the subscription from the Plans & Billing section of your Tower account. This will remove your payment details from our system. If you decide to reinstate the subscription, you will need to re-enter your payment information.

Is Tower available on a per user, per site or per device basis?

Licenses can be purchased on a per user basis.

On which platform / operating system does Tower work?

Tower is available for macOS and Windows.

In what languages is Tower offered?

Both the app Tower and our Help and Learn content is only available in English.

What is the current version of the product?

Visit our Release Notes page to see the latest version at any time.

Where can I find your End User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy?

This information is available here: End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy