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Publishing a Local Repository

Projects are often started locally, on a developer's local hard drive. After some time, it might be become interesting to include a remote repository in the workflow - most notably in order to collaborate with others.
With a couple of steps, you can easily publish your formerly local project on a remote server.

1. Add the Local Repository to Tower

First, you need to make sure that you've already added the respective local repository to Tower (see Adding an Existing Repository for more information).

2. Create a Bare Remote Repository on the Remote Server

  • If you have your code hosted by a service provider (like GitHub or Beanstalk), log in to your hosting service and create a new repository. After you have created the remote repository, copy its URL to your clipboard.
  • If your code is hosted on your own / your company's server, have your systems administrator create a new 'bare' repository and send you the repository's URL.

3. Add the New Remote Repository in Tower

With the local repository open in Tower, connect the newly created remote repository. To do so, click the + button in Tower's sidebar and choose Add Remote Repository… (see Connecting & Authenticating for more information on this step). It is now available as an item under the REMOTES section in the sidebar.

4. Publish a Local Branch

Right-click the local branch you want to publish and select Publish <name>... (see Publishing a Local Branch for more information).