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Getting Started

How does the "Refer-a-Friend" program work?

Tower's "Refer-a-Friend" program offers your friends a 10% discount for joining the Tower family and credits you with $10 USD for every friend that signs up.

Please note that while we will be using USD amounts in this page, credit will be currency equivalent: EUR 8.00/GBP 7.00/CNY 64.00/JPY 11.00.

How do I get started?

Your unique referral link can be accessed in the "Refer a Friend" section of the Tower Account Management dashboard. You can share that link with as many friends as you'd like.

When will my credit become available?

The credit will become available 30 days after your friend purchased a license. Your $10 USD credit will be applied automatically to your next billing period.

How can I spend my credit?

Credit can be used for any purchase (subscription renewal, additional seats, and plan upgrades).

What happens if I don’t spend all my credit?

Credit that is not used will be carried forward to the next billing period.

Is there a maximum number of friends I can invite?

No — you can invite as many people as you want. Thanks for being a fantastic Tower ambassador! 😎

When does my friend receive his discount?

Your friend will receive a 10% discount on the initial purchase. When using your link, the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.

I saw another discount available. Can my friend stack discounts?

No, our platform automatically awards the largest discount available to the user at the checkout. If your code is used, you will receive your $10 USD credit.

Will I know if my friends have accepted my invitation?

Yes. Head over to your Tower Account Management dashboard and have a look at the "Current Status" section. You can see how many were invited (i.e., are using Tower in its trial period) and how many have become active Tower users. The latter will be considered for your credit balance.

I do not see a referral link. What's wrong?

This program is available for customers who have Tower's Basic plan, or a Tower Pro account with 1 seat. Any accounts that do not meet these requirements or are currently on a trial are not eligible for the "Refer-a-Friend" program.

Can I refer someone who already has a Tower account?

No — this program was designed to be used to refer Tower to brand new customers only. Existing accounts are not eligible to be referred. Expired (both paid and expired trial), canceled, or former Tower accounts are also not eligible to be referred.

Can I use Google Ads or similar platforms to advertise my referral link?

No, bidding on branded keywords that include “Tower” for ads is prohibited. This program was designed to help spread the word among your friends.