Tower Help & Support

Drag & Drop

Much of the "hard Git work" can be performed easily in Tower - simply via drag & drop!

Create, Pull, and Push Branches

Dragging a branch in Tower's sidebar leaves you with many options:
Drop it onto the Branches section to create a new branch based on the dragged one.
Drop it onto another branch (optionally holding down CTRL or ALT) to pull, push, merge, or track a branch.

Create Tags & Branches

You can also drag commits from the History views. Drop them onto the Tags or Branches sections in the sidebar: this will create a new tag/branch based on the dragged commit.

Partially Apply Stashes

When looking at the changeset of a Stash, you can drag one of its changed files and drop it onto the Working Copy in the sidebar to only apply this very change.

Cherry-Pick Commits

Drag a commit item from the History views and drop it onto the Working Copy item in the sidebar - this will cherry-pick the dropped commit into your current HEAD branch.