File History

A new major version of Tower is coming. This feature is included in the Public Beta for the new Tower. You can try it out for free by signing up for the Beta.

The "File History" feature allows you to inspect how a single file evolved in detail - by listing only those commits in which the file was changed and the changeset of the file.

Selecting a File in Your Working Copy

One way to access a single file's commit history is through Tower's Working Copy view.

If the file in question isn't currently modified, remember to have Tower display all of your project's files (not just the modified ones) via the "View" main menu.

Simply right-click the file and choose File History.

Searching for a File

Another way is to search for a file in one of Tower's History views (either directly via the "History" item or by selecting a branch or tag in the sidebar).

Make sure that you select the "Commit Changeset -> File" category in the search textfield on the top right of the window.

Then, enter the file's name or complete path from the root folder of the repository. Tower helps you by suggesting & autocompleting the path right as you type.

Working with the File History

In both cases, the list of revisions will then only contain commits where this particular file was involved.

With a double-click on a single commit you can quickly see the complete Commit Details.

The context menu allows you to Blame, Restore, or Export the file.

All Commits touching a File

Alternatively, you can filter the History for all commits in which a certain file was touched.
For this, select one of Tower's History views and start a search for "History -> File" via the search textfield.