Searching Pull Requests

A new major version of Tower is coming. This feature is included in the Public Beta for the new Tower. You can try it out for free by signing up for the Beta.

Tower allows you to filter PRs by various criteria. You can choose to either search Pull Requests or the conversation of your pull requests.

Starting a Search

In the search field on the top right of the window, click the magnifying glass icon and select your filter criteria of choice.

Pull Requests

These search criteria filter the listing of Pull Requests.

  • Text
    Filters by searching the Pull Requests's text (both subject and body).

  • Author
    Filters the listing by author name on the Service platform.

  • Branch

    Filters the listing by the branch name from which the pull request is started.

Pull Request Conversation

With this, you can filter the conversation of the selected Pull Request.

  • Text
    Filters by searching the comment's text (both subject and body).

  • Comment Author
    Filters the listing by the author of comments on the Service platform.

  • Commit Author

    Filters the listing by commit author name.

Pull Request Commits

You can search through the commit's of a Pull Request in the same way you'd search your repository.
See Search Commits for a detailed description.

Pull Requests Changeset

You can filter the complete changeset of a Pull Request analogue to how you can filter your local Working Copy.
Both files or paths are valid to narrow the list of items.