Tower Help & Support


At the moment, Tower supports Pull Requests for repositories hosted on the following services:

  • Tower "Basic":,,, Azure DevOps
  • Tower "Pro" and "Enterprise": and GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket Server, and GitLab EE / CE, Azure DevOps and Azure DevOps Server

To make Pull Requests work in Tower, you only have to connect your account in Tower's Services view.

Troubleshooting a Pull Request Connection

In case the Pull Requests don't show or you receive an error, please follow these steps:

  • Verify you've connected an account for your hosting service in Tower's Services view. This is necessary because Tower loads Pull Request data via the service's API.

  • For GitHub users: please make sure to grant Tower API access.

  • Open your repository in Tower and check if the remote repository is configured correctly: simply right-click the remote item in the sidebar and choose Edit Connection Settings...

    • Verify the URL ends in .git (e.g.
    • Make sure your service account is selected in the dropdown
  • Check the Activity Window (⌘ + CTRL + 0) on the Service tab for errors.