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Comparing Branches & Revisions

Sometimes, you'll want to know how two branches (or even two arbitrary revisions) differ in detail. In any case, please make sure you have configured your favorite external diff tool in Tower's preferences window.

Comparing Branches

To compare two branches, select both of them in Tower's sidebar and choose Compare <branch1> with <branch2>… from the contextual menu (upon right-click).

This will open the diff between these two branches in your favorite external diff tool.

Comparing Revisions

To compare two arbitrary revisions, you have to first make sure you have selected either the History view or any other ref (a local branch, remote branch, or tag) in Tower's sidebar. In the list of commits, you then either...

  • select both commits you want to compare and click the Compare button on the right.

  • right-click a commit and select Compare <commit hash> with Revision…. In the following dialog, you can then enter the commit hash of the other commit.