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Searching Pull Requests

This feature was introduced in version 3 of Tower for Mac.

Tower allows you to search Pull Requests in different ways. In the search field on the top right of the window, click the magnifying glass icon and select your filter criteria of choice.

Searching "Pull Requests"

The "Pull Requests" category is used to filter the list of Pull Requests by searching through all Pull Requests' metadata.

  • Text: Filters by searching the Pull Requests' text (both subject and body).
  • Author: Filters the listing by author name.
  • Branch: Filters the listing by the branch name from which the Pull Request was started.

Other search categories let you search a selected Pull Request. Different categories are available depending on which view is currently active in a selected Pull Request.

Searching "Pull Request Conversation"

The "Pull Request Conversation" category lets you search all conversations of a selected Pull Request.

  • Text: Filters by searching the comments' text (both subject and body).
  • Comment Author: Filters the listing by the author of comments
  • Commit Author: Filters the listing by commit author name.

Searching "Pull Request Commits"

The "Pull Request Commits" search category lets you search the commit of a Pull Request in the same way you'd search your repository. See Searching for Commits for a detailed description.

Searching "Pull Request Changeset"

You can filter the complete changeset of a Pull Request just as you can filter any other commit's changeset.
Simply enter file path to filter the list of shown files in the Changeset view.