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Synchronizing with a Remote

The Sync command performs a pull for the given remote branch, followed by a push. It downloads data from a remote repository and integrates changes into your working copy. More precisely, it "fetches" data from the specified remote repository and, after downloading, merges changes from the specified remote branch into your current HEAD branch.
If the pull succeeded without errors, it uploads commits from the local branch to the specified remote branch.

Performing a Sync

There are multiple ways to perform a Sync in Tower:

  • click the Sync button in the toolbar and select the branch you want to integrate in the following dialog
  • right-click the branch in the sidebar that you want to sync and select Sync <remote/branch>…
  • click the "Repository" menu item and select Sync… or press the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + Y

By default, sync integrates changes using a merge operation. If you prefer using a rebase you can check Use Rebase Instead of Merge in the dialog's options.