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Undoing Things

The possibility to undo mistakes quickly and easily is one of the most important aspects about Git. In Tower, we support almost all of the many "undo" features that Git has to offer.

Using CMD+Z to Undo

Since version 4.0 of Tower for Mac, you can simply press CMD+Z to undo many actions.
Below are some of the many scenarios where you can use this.

  • Undo deleting a branch or tag

  • Undo merging two branches

  • Undo committing changes

As well as...

  • Undo checking out a branch
  • Undo deleting files
  • Undo a rebase (or an interactive rebase)
  • Undo publishing a branch on a remote
  • Undo staging/unstaging changes
  • ...and much more!

Most of these workflows would require a series of complex commands on the CLI. Tower takes away this complexity by allowing you to use the same, simple and well-known keyboard shortcut in almost any situation.

Undoing Manually

Although undo via CMD+Z is extremely helpful you can, of course, also undo many actions "manually". Take a look at the videos below to see how this can be done.