Tower Help & Support

CLI Tool

Tower ships with its own "Command Line Tool". This allows you to open a Git repository right from your console prompt.

Installing the Tower CLI Tool

To install the command line tool, open Tower's settings on the Integration tab. An installer will help you get started quickly. Please make sure that Tower is run from the /Applications folder before trying to install.

Interacting with Tower from the Command Line

After the CLI Tool is installed, you can use the "gittower" command to open an existing Git repository in Tower.

The "gittower" command requires the path to a folder on your disk as its only parameter, e.g.:

$ gittower ~/development/jquery

Should you want to use the CLI Tool in a subdirectory of a repository, the following command creates a bash alias to detect the repository's root and opens it in Tower:

$ echo "alias gtower='gittower git rev-parse --show-toplevel'" >> ~/.bash_profile

Advanced Usage

You can use the CLI to deploy and manage licenses, e.g. you can create an "offline activation" for Tower installs in restricted environments.